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This Friday, August 3rd, we will be holding a brainstorming meeting to develop ideas and concepts relating to the future of the digital child as a tool of the Web 2.0 environment. How can the concept be used? Is the digital child limited to pixels only or could it gather data which we could define […]


Digg Fires Google

For anyone who hasn’t heard about this yet, Digg has dropped Google as its ad provider in exchange for a three-year exclusive ad deal with Microsoft. Microsoft will be providing the display and contextual advertising on Digg, with traffic estimated at over 17 million unique monthly visitors. The switch over will take place in early August […]

2007 Song

Since I first heard this Song , I just can’t get it out of my head. Great stuff!     Technorati tags: facebook, song, social network, youtube, hotchkiss school, abel acuna, ben shope, vince dyer

Here are some tips I wanted to share with you on how to ehance your blog and create more exposure to it. 1) Write about stuff that interests you If you write about topics that really interest you, it will show in your writing. The more you relate to the topic, the better your post will be. 2) Be consistent […]

Mike Marcus, the artist whose exhibition I discussed in yesterday’s post, is looking for volunteers to help him create the Facebook application that I suggested. The application would allow you to create digital children with your friends by creating a digital “genetic” synthesis of the two profile pictures. In addition, Mike writes me: “The interesting […]


Digital Children

Mike Marcus, a 34 year old photographer and digital artist,will soon open his Exogeny #1 exhibition. “Exogeny” referring to the cultural practice of intentionally breeding outside of one’s cultural or ethnic community. Each of his images displays a digital child compromised of synthetic derivatives from two portraits. Each facial feature is neither from one or […]

A couple of people have already asked me regarding the import of my blog from Blogger to WordPress and how easy or difficult it was. Therefore I thought it would be helpful for you guys if I outlined the steps I took. I recently purchased my own domain and received a WordPress blog with my hosting […]

Matt Danzico, a reporter, has recently announced that he is going to travel around America 2.0 style. He has created this website and is asking all the people watching his video to spread his message: “Around the America in 2.0 is an Internet-based film project created to explore trust and connectivity. The primary objective of […]

Many people have recently mentioned that they no longer see the value in being members of LinkedIn now that they have Facebook. Jeff Pulver writes: “This morning I made the decision to focus all of my professional business social networking contacts to be on Facebook. That means that I am no longer going to accept […]

I am one of the officers of a group called The Grasshoppers on Facebook. This group was built by Chris Brogan and its purpose is to create a meaningful network of people willing to be helpful. Know of available jobs? Want to offer your services? Want to sell your old computer? Want to promote a […]