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For all those of you who spend a great deal of time outside the house trying to find and connect to open wireless networks, this is the post for you. WeFi is a free PC application which facilitates the process of finding and connecting to WiFi hotspots in any location. It has recently announced the […]


Today’s Show

Thanks to everyone who tuned in today to see my live interview with Chris Brogan on blogTV. We had a few technical issues, but overall it went great! A special thanks to Chris for giving us all a few tips on what it takes to be a great podcaster and answering our questions. Technorati tags: […]

I hope you’ll all tune in to today’s show at 12pm EST. For any of you who would like to chat with us during the show, you can do so, by tuning in to the show’s site. Thanks. “See” you all there! Technorati tags: chris brogan, internet tv, podcasting, blonde 2.0 show, chat, blogtv

Tomorrow, Monday, June 25th, at 12pm EST, I will be doing a live interview with Chris Brogan, co-founder of Podcamp and also community developer for and Video on the Net. During the interview I will be asking Chris various questions about podcasting, why one should podcast, and how can one become a successful podcaster. […]

For all you podcasters out there, I found a great video on SuTree which gives a few simple but often ignored tips on how to promote your podcasts and increase their exposure: Technorati tags: podcasting, sutree, google, promotion, instructional, video

I have to say this: Facebook is simply AMAZING! I believe there are various different reasons for why it’s so impressive and has gained so much popularity: 1) Facebook allows you to easily create a rich and well maintained profile. Friends can easily find you, connect, and invite you to use their favorite applications. 2) […]

Checking out the new blogtv embedded client together with Chris Brogan. Technorati tags: blogtv, internet tv, chris brogan, blonde 2.0


You Digg?

Ever tried to explain to your non-geeky friends what Digg is all about and how to use it? This cool video I found on 5min , created by Michael Faneca, may be helpful.     Technorati tags: digg, 5min, video, instructional, web 2.0, social bookmarking

Kent has tagged me in the “happy songs” tagging game. The idea is that now I need to name one song which always lifts my spirits when I hear it…so hear goes….after thinking about this for a while, at the risk of appearing extremely cheesy..I will have to say that even though it’s not one […]

BlogTV has just released its new new live embeddable player. The new player enables broadcasters to showcase their live shows on any web page that is located outside the blogTV site. So for instance, if you are a blogger, you can broadcast directly from your own blog. How cool is that? Another great feature is […]