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Since some readers have challenged my stance on social networks and their effectiveness in creating friendships, I will repeat here what I have written in my comment to Adi: “I agree that through blogging I have made many good friends. However, I don’t agree that you cannot make an equal amount of friends on social […]

My friend Kent just wrote a very interesting post on Blogs VS Social Networks. He discusses Jay Neely’s belief that the difference between social networks and blogs is that one is for your friends and the other is for your audience. Jay also writes: “The key difference is that one group already knows you (it’s […]

A law proposal by politician Amnon Cohen, from the ultra-orthodox political party shas, that is supposedly meant to protect kids from the dangers of pornography, violence and gambling sites has passed the primary voting stage in the Israeli Knesset . The proposed law requires that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block adult content-based sites (sexual, gambling […]


I Love MyBlogLog

I must say i have always loved MyBlogLog. When I recommend to startups to create not only a branded widget, but a useful one that site owners would actually want to put it on their site, this is the kind of widget I am talking about. The MyBlogLog widget provides a great way for you […]

Since Jeff Pulver has started a new “Question of the Day” post, I will also add my own question for today: Which blogs are your favorite to read, and why? I personally enjoy reading the blogs of those people who not only tell you about the latest social network or software and how to use […]

In the last few months we’ve seen more and more politicians embrace the world of online social media and use it to engage with their voters and gain visibility for themselves. Barack Obama can be found on Twitter and Friendster, while John Edwards is also twittering and on Second Life. Hilary Clinton, who can also […]


Explore The World

Between working, blogging, twittering, and IM’ing all day, we tend to forget that there’s a beautiful offline world out there for us to explore. In the last few days I was reminded why we should travel more often. This week, after finally admitting to myself that I was a webaholic, my boyfriend and I decided […]


Off For A Week…

I will be away this week so I won’t be posting. I know it will be hard, but try to survive without my posts for a few days 🙂 To all my readers – Have a wonderful week!

See this pic? This is how David Bullard views us, the bloggers. Bullard, one of South Africa’s most reputable print journalists, writes a weekly column for the Sunday Times (which has a readership of well over 1m people). He has recently written an article, insulting all bloggers and portraying them as pathetic human beings who […]

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a blogging friend of mine about the gradual obliteration of borders between our personal and professional lives online. Most of us who are active web users (aka geeks) have accounts on Flickr, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. We use these networks as a way to present ourselves & our […]