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Twitter Away…

When I was first introduced to Twitter, I was a bit overwhelmed. Was I supposed to start recording every event in my life now? Do I want to record the fact that I just ate a chicken salad? And if I do, does anyone care? But then I realized that this is the beauty of […]

Today I tried YoName , a service that allows you to find users on all the following social networks: MySpace, LinkedIn, Digg, FaceBook, Friendster, Match, and Xanga. Its homepage looks like a typical search engine start page. You can search for someone by their user-name or email address. I entered my name, and although I […]

Jeff Pulver and Chris Brogan invite you to watch their live TV show later today at 12 PM EST (9am PST / 1700 GST / 1800 CET / 1900 Tel Aviv). To watch, please visit the show page on Jeff & Chris urge you all to call in with any comments or questions you […]

As a follow up to my earlier post entitled “what does community mean to you?”, it is interesting to see how social networking sites and blogs helped the Virginia Tech community communicate during the shootings. InformationWeek reported that day: “Virginia Tech students and staff reported on what appeared to be the deadliest shooting on a […]

Since it was Holocaust Remembrance Day this week, I found myself thinking: Would the holocaust be possible in a time like today when we have the internet, online communities, and blogs? In an age of endless networking and community building, what do these communities really mean to us? How do we define a community today? […]

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the blogosphere regarding Tim O’Reilly’s call for a “Blogger’s Code of Conduct“. O’Reilly wants us all to play nice now and put civility badges on our sites. Frankly I find this whole idea to be pretentious and disturbing. O’Reilly will decide what I can or cannot post […]

It may be time for Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” to take its place in the Web 2.0 industry. It seems that we have been bombarded with yet another social networking site, yet another social bookmarking site, yet another video site, and yet no real differentiation or improvement of the user experience between […]

SuTree, a new Israeli startup which aggregates instructional “how to” videos, will announce its launch today. SuTree videos are submitted and rated by users, and come mainly from sites like VideoJug and Metacafe. All videos are nicely organized and there are many different topics to choose from such as: Health, Food & Drink, Home & […] , a leading technology experts interviews website, has recently launched a new job board specifically targeted towards individuals looking for positions in small to medium-sized startups. The board currently lists over 350 jobs from more than 50 different companies. Nathan Kaiser, the founder of, says: “By focusing on this market, we hope to […]

The user-generated video media landscape is changing quickly. While all of us enjoy seeing frat boys burping on one another or cute puppies who have special licking skills on YouTube every once in a while, Network2 offers those of us looking for higher quality, episodic programming on the web, an alternative. Network2 which launched on […]