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Not as thrilling as it should be…     Technorati tags: joost, commercial, web2.0, tv, video, youtube

Israeli company BubblePly which allows users on any video site to overlay images, text, and live links on video, has recently announced its open platform application. According to David Markowitz, one of the company’s founders, the company has decided not to label themselves as a brand, but rather to become an open platform application, usable […]

I have often pondered: Do we stray from our real identities when online? Do we become different due to the extended amount of freedom or anonymity we are given on the web? I suppose it depends on the person. However, in my experience I have found that my personality is exactly the same online as […]

YouTube is introducing a new functionality to its platform, allowing users to group clips around specific categories. Up to now, clips have been saved in what often seemed a random process — usually arranged chronologically, but not always. The new interface will allow users to organize clips according to specific categories. So, for example, music […]

What if our world was web2-ified? Check out this amazing video made by my friend Lior Katz from Wishood:   Technorati tags: web, internet, ajax, youtube, pandora, web2.0, opensource, supermarket2.0, wishood, kinnernet, liorkatz

There are many different ways a company can increase traffic to its site. In today’s digitalized world online promotion possibilities are endless. Successful online marketing depends largely on your ability to identify those channels that provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience. Online social networks, forums, blogging, SEO are just some of the […]