Coin PR agencies are awaiting to work with more countries A Coin PR agency is what your country needs.   All around the globe, the tech conversation seems to be driven around cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain-based applications; and with the level of growth that has occured in the industry, governments around the world are […]

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By Maya Perry, Blonde 2.0   After months and sometimes years of hard work, passion, late nights, strategizing, developing, re-developing, organizing, hiring, firing – and everything in between – every company reaches that point. Finally, there is something to put out to the crowd, something to announce, something that needs to be pushed to the […]

From SIRIN LABS’ PR storm after announcing its partnership with Foxconn International to Spotify’s celebration of Israel’s 70th Independence day, April was yet another amazing month for Blonde’s clients!   Sirin Labs announced a partnership with Foxconn International that got the entire tech industry hyped Check it out on Bloomberg, Reuters, CNET, Business Insider, Cointelegraph, […]

  The age of Artificial Intelligence is dawning on us and most are skeptical as to what it will bring. Talk of robots taking over the workplace has sent people into a frenzy. Automated cars are creating a divide on what constitutes as proper road safety and what derails it. Most households have already welcomed […]

From creating a PR storm around the launch of Spotify in Israel to the launch of Fashion TV’s cryptocurrency platform, March has been yet another impressive month for Blonde 2.0 clients. Spotify launched the long anticipated service in Israel that took the entire country by a storm! Stream all coverage on Calcalist (five different times), […]

The volatility of cryptocurrencies not only affects people’s wallets, it can also affect the reputation and status of this up and coming digital market. Some companies may decide to postpone their ICOs to a more stable time, focus on larger private investments, or elongate pre-sales. There is one aspect, however, that doesn’t stop because of […]

Spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years in our bathrooms, in our bedrooms, beneath our couches, and even behind our monitors. This natural phenomenon is inspiring due to the efforts that the eight legged creatures put into their making. Whether it’s the precise consistency of the silk which is used to make […]

With so many cryptocurrencies on the rise, it’s hard to predict which ones are going to succeed; at least not without the right coin PR agency to back it up. Many of these coins possess revolutionary concepts, but if the right information isn’t expressed to the right people, then these coins have little chance of […]

From the declaration of the first cryptocurrency as legal tender by Marshall Islands to our Founder and Co-CEO being named one of the five female rock stars in the crypto scene, February has been yet another fantastic month for Blonde 2.0. IOTA’s partnership with Taipei City and partnerships with some of the biggest corporate names […]

It’s no doubt the cryptocurrency has mushroomed in the past year, and it will certainly continue to explode. Being in the back of the pack is not where you’ll want to be when this is all over, so it’s best to get ahead of the game before there even is one. Make your presence and […]