It’s hard to master the art of taking the perfect selfie. From awkward double chins to missing limbs and unflattering lighting, we’ve all been the victim of the front facing camera. But the days of bad selfies are gone! Check out these four gadgets that will help you take your selfie game to the next […]

Whether you love it or hate it, we all know how much of a pain it can be to get out of bed, communicate with anything other than your coffee mug, or have a lousy rain-filled weekend during the winter. Winter mostly means means rain and wind in Israel, sometimes for days on end. Instead […]

From launching a new selfie-tastic Micro Drone to a $70 Million investment round with involvement by Ashton Kutcher in an amazing cyber security company, this has been a great start of year for Blonde 2.0 clients! SentinelOne, a leading cybersecurity company, secured over $70 Million in funding. Want to secure your cyber? Check out CNBC, […]

One of the latest trends in software development is the expansion and evolution of DevOps, in which developers work together with operations staff in order to ensure that the software of the company runs with a minimum of problems. And as such, many companies find themselves in a challenging situation because with the rise of […]

As an almost first-time mom, you better believe a large portion of my days have been dedicated to researching just about everything baby-related. Just check my Google search history – “must have items for newborns”, “what’s the difference between a bassinet and a crib”, “how to flip a breech baby” – seriously, those are my […]

So the year that killed all the celebrities is behind us, and what a wild ride 2016 was. After washing the past year down with some scotch over ice (minus the ice), we are already two weeks in to 2017 and I’m curious to know as to how many people have started their “weight loss” […]

New Year’s has come and gone. That kale smoothie you said you were going to drink everyday is turning into a science project in your fridge, and that new workout outfit you bought still has the tags on it. Why do we do this? Every year we make big lofty goals like “save money” or […]

From Viber launching video messages and chat extensions to Insulog creating a life-saving solution for diabetics, this has been another spectacular month for Blonde 2.0 clients, and employees! Viber, a company that needs no introduction, announced a brand new version with chat extensions and video messages. Want to extend your chat? Check out TechCrunch, The […]

It’s the first week of January, our hangovers have worn off and we’re heading back to the daily grind. This is also a time to recover from the holiday shopping season, and the post-holiday returns and exchanges (like that ugly sweater from your aunt). As we look towards the upcoming year with anticipation, I’m excited […]

With 2017 right around the corner and another year in the books, it’s hard not to think about New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it’s the post holiday belly bulge that’s inspiring you to get moving or the forgotten friendships that need some TLC (Tender Loving Care), whatever it may be, we all have things we want […]