It’s election season. That magical time of year where everyone sheds their masks and reveals their true colors, albeit there only being two colors to choose from. Battle lines are drawn as red donkeys and blue elephants flock by the millions to voting stations, casting their vote for who they believe is best to lead […]


Unless you’ve been hiding out in a bunker somewhere for the last 15 months, there isn’t a single place you could go to escape the 2016 United States presidential election. There’s something special about this turn of political events. No matter who you’re voting for, there is no denying the drama and spectacle #Election2016 has […]


Sleep. We all do it, some of us more than others, and if you’re anything like me, you’re certainly not getting enough of it. We spend nearly a third of our life sleeping; dissociated from our bodies, ideally to return refreshed and regenerated, and hopefully ready to tackle all the daily sh*t life throws our […]


From listening to your vocal intonations in order to detect medical conditions to improving the way you sleep, this has been another amazing month for Blonde 2.0 clients:   Beyond Verbal, dedicated to finding and analyzing the hidden secrets behind a person’s tone of voice, has had a big month. After announcing a big investment […]


You wish you can go through life without actually needing them, but once you are in trouble, you pray to God that they’ll be there in seconds. I’m talking, of course, about first responders. Whether you saw an accident, your family member just had a heart attack, or God forbid you are in a hostage […]


2016 is turning out to be one the most profitable years…for hackers, that is. In fact, one ransomware network alone was estimated to have made around $121 million in just the first half of 2016! Gone are the days when getting ‘hacked’ meant that you needed to update your computer’s antivirus software. Cyberthreats are now […]


Innovation and technology have changed everything we know over the years. Whether it’s transportation and logistics, mobile devices or even home improvement and cooking, nothing looks or performs the same way it did a few years ago. These days, when discussing innovation and technology, you can’t help but wonder – what’s next? What industry is […]


Fall has arrived, and with it many new adventures. Vacations are over, the working world is hunkering in for the long haul, students are off to school or studying abroad, and that means a whole new wave of updates to share with friends and family. Which really means, knowing when and where to check to […]


From ending animal cruelty to taking over London, this has been another great month here at Blonde 2.0! Supermeat, the crowdfunding campaign dedicated to creating lab grown meat, has continued to flourish, and finished its campaign strong. Want to take a bite? Check out The Independent, Wired Germany, I Fucking Live Science, i24 News, Aktuale, […]

mental health

In recent years we have seen a clear shift in public discourse regarding mental health. Slowly, the stigma, shame, and misinformation surrounding mental disorders that plague that majority of us are diminishing. We’re even seeing celebrities like Hayden Panettiere and Demi Lovato coming forward to discuss their own struggles with depression and anxiety. This shift […]