What is a secondary trading platform? And why should you care? As Lloyd Banks so eloquently phrased it in his 2008 hit, “Money Rules The World”, the hot topic of how to make more money and which platforms to invest in is a large global debate, and everyone seems to have a different opinion. Investors […]

From creating a PR storm around the launch of the world’s first blockchain phone to our founder being named one of the best PR people in the tech industry (and as if that wasn’t enough) – and winning another amazing award, it has been an especially good month here at Blonde 2.0! The Finney is […]

how to get a bigger audience for your token through token pr

Who else has been experiencing a rapid flow of blockchain news on their social media feeds? If you have been browsing Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram, I know you are a little familiar with the words, blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency blockchain. How did blockchain begin popping up so rapidly?  How did these terms appear out of […]

how a godd press release promotes your bitcoin

Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain are the new buzzwords swarming through today’s media. But, with bitcoin here, crypto there, and blockchain everywhere, it can be very difficult to get your crypto PR to stand out above the rest. In general, blockchain PR faces it’s own unique challenges:   1. Crypto lacks popular understanding. 2. There is […]

why crypto pr is important for your bitcoin

This is the third part of our current series on Blockchain PR. Learn about the latest trends in promoting your Blockchain startup with crypto PR. Welcome to the world of Crypto PR! If you’re reading this, you’re probably a founder who is trying to promote your ICO/Blockchain, or maybe someone who is curious about this […]

promoting digital token

This is the second post in our series on Blockchain PR. See what the professionals have to say when it comes to promoting your token. If you’ve made it this far I’m sure you already know about Bitcoin, so we don’t need to go over what it is exactly. But just in case, you’re just […]

what is a blockchain

This is the first post in our upcoming series on Blockchain PR. Learn about Blockchain and why it is changing the Fintech industry as we know it. By now, all of us probably know what a Bitcoin is (and maybe even know a guy who mines for it), and we’ve all probably heard the term […]

Rephrasing the known quote “Winter Is Coming” may sound cliché, but the latest season of Game Of Thrones has just ended, and not referring to it- would definitely be breaking some sort of law. Fall is the most picturesque season out there when leaves fall off the trees, cooler air comes at night and forces you […]

From continuing to disrupt the financial world with our Crypto clients, to what just may be the fastest ICO ever, it’s been another amazing month to be a Blonde 2.0 client. Bancor was mentioned in TechCrunch (Twice), CNBC, International Business Times, Forbes, VentureBeat,  Coin Telegraph, NewsBTC, Geektime, FinExtra, ForexNewsNow, and FinNews. Invest.com’s market prediction platform […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you’ve definitely come across the words blockchain, crypto, or bitcoin at least once, and that’s because we are sort of in the middle of the fourth Industrial Revolution right now. We’ve come a long way since mining for gold and constructing cross country railroads, […]