Picture this scene: A man, thirsty and dying, comes to the feet of a rich individual and begs him for help. Instead of offering anything, the rich individual turns his back on the thirsty man, claiming that he sees nothing in it for himself. Now replace the word “man” with the word “startup” and you […]

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The time has come my friends. It’s been about a year since getting my last one and the undecorated plainness of my skin is starting to become more and more bothersome. I’m talkin’ about tattoos people! All of the horror stories that your mom told you about them are true! They do hurt, they do […]


Mother’s Day is fast approaching. That second Sunday in May where we all show the person who brought us into this world how much they mean to us (even though we should be doing that everyday of the year). And if you are anything like me, you are probably waiting until the last minute to […]


From creating a PR storm around the launch of the most secure smartphone ever, to getting the best headline of all time on The Next Web for a PMS painkiller, this has been an incredible month to be a Blonde 2.0 client! Unless you happen to be living in a parallel universe, you definitely heard […]


With the weather getting warmer, and the flowers in bloom, it seems like spring has officially arrived. With spring comes many changes, summer clothes are retrieved from the back of the closet, people start planning more outdoor activities, and of course…allergies become unavoidable. Luckily, there are many new developments in HealthTech to help us maintain […]


Earth Day takes place on  April 22nd. For some, this day is no different than any other calendar day where you practice good habits around being green and lessening your carbon footprint. For many others, it’s a necessary reminder of the basic things we’ve been taught since we were young:  A brush-up around the three […]


Over the last few weeks we’ve heard a lot about the FBI attempting, and then actually hacking into Apple’s iPhone. As the case unfolded, “hacking” was thrust to the forefront of public debate, with questions of legality and privacy arising in regards to the US government’s use of hacking as tool to obtain information it […]


It seems like crowdfunding is becoming more popular recently… Great stories of crowdfunding success continue spreading around the web, and companies see it as the perfect way to kick-start their product. But navigating through the crowdfunding seas is not that simple, just like jumping into a new relationship, there are basic moves and sacrifices you […]


From MovieSwap changing the movie industry to an international Blonde Purim celebration, it has been another great month for Blonde 2.0 clients. MovieSwap wants to upload your old DVDs to the cloud and change the way you watch movies online. Want to catch a flick? Check out Variety, Wired Germany, Wired Italy, BGR, Daily Star, […]

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Tel-Aviv is well-known as Israel’s hub of technological innovation and business development, serving as the center of the “Startup Nation” and attracting investors from around the world. Unfortunately, while Israel’s center continues to flourish in capital exports and growth, the north and south continue to fall behind, with lower average income and higher rates of […]