Almost everyone has a New Year’s resolution. Whether they say it out loud or just aspire to follow it quietly, people want to strive to improve and it’s easiest to do so at the start of the New Year. It seems like most people immediately think of themselves when it comes to making a resolution – […]


From the biggest innovation in selfie technology since the front-facing camera to the most influential PR pro in Israeli Hi-Tech, this has been another great month to be with Blonde 2.0! Ever had to take an emergency selfie, but the puny selfie sticks attached to your shoulders just didn’t cut it? Stikbox, the smartphone case […]


Let’s be honest, following the announcement of Kim Kardashian’s new emojis, everyone fell into two categories – either the people that could not care less, or the people that needed to get their hands on that crying emoji. Since their invention in 1995, emojis have become a staple of texting, and with Kim K on […]


A typical Christmas experience generally consists of carolers proclaiming Joy to the World, sipping hot chocolate fireside with family and loved ones while watching cheesy Hallmark movies, or curling up with a good book and getting lost in a world of not of our own. This year, the ‘spirit’ of Christmas had morphed into a […]

Jedi- Star Wars

You could feel the excitement here at the Blonde 2.0 offices over the release of the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. Our Team Spirit Leader, the appropriately named “Jedi”, barked in anticipation. Miniature Darth Vader’s bowl of candies, for visitors to our offices, was waiting to be refilled. The video monitor in the PR […]


From a record-breaking $2 million dollar Kickstarter campaign to the Mayor of London riding an INU, it has been another amazing month for Blonde 2.0 clients! AirBolt has continued to lock down pledges on Kickstarter with over $150,000  already pledged! Want to get one before they run out? Head on over to Digital Trends, FHM, […]


Oh the times are changing. The kids grow up so fast and before you know it they’ll be out of the house and off to college. It’s only been a little over three years since my time at school expired but in this minute amount of time things have advanced enough to make me feel […]


From raising $1.1 Million dollars in 2 weeks on Kickstarter to bringing home the platinum for Best Viral Campaign Of the Year, it has been one of the best months EVER at Blonde 2.0: G-RO is the revolutionary new carry-on everyone can’t stop talking about. This hugely successful crowdfunding campaign has already raised over $1 […]


The leaves are changing colors, kids are back in school, it’s getting chilly, fall is here. If you’re like me and spent all summer hibernating under the cool embrace of the AC, now is the time to go outside and enjoy outdoor life. And what better way to do that than by riding around town, […]

blog photo 2

    With the rise of the smartphone came a rise in mobile photography. Everyone who has a smartphone with a camera had suddenly become a professional photographer (me included). Smartphones are now coming jam-packed with advanced new photography features, and with fall around the corner, social media profiles will be inundated with fall foliage, […]