Leonardo DiCaprio Invests and Takes Advisory Position in NYC
Based Social Media Platform Mobli


NEW YORK, October XX, 2011 – Mobli, the popular visual-social media platform, announced today that actor Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in the company and has taken an active role in shaping the incredible growth and success of the platform. DiCaprio was part of a group of other high profile investors who invested a total of $3 million in Mobli several months ago. He has taken on a position consulting the company in shaping its content and social strategy.

"I’m very excited to be a part of Mobli, a company that is groundbreaking - that is taking an active role in revolutionizing the way people interact with visual information, whether they are creating or consuming it. Mobli allows people from all over the world to share moments," DiCaprio said.
Mobli recently unveiled the latest version of its mobile application for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices and has seen incredible adoption. This amazing growth recently propelled Mobli to the #1 spot on the App Store list of free Social Networking apps, topping such applications as Facebook, Skype and Twitter. Currently, Mobli is acquiring 10,000 new users a day.

"We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Leo and we value his input and unique insight into creating a truly social visual experience for our users," said Moshiko Hogeg, Mobli's CEO. "The passion and support our vibrant community provides is a testament to the fact that we are on the right path."
Mobli is available on the iOS, Android and Blackberry platform and has seen explosive growth and adoption since launch driven by a uniquely active and passionate community of users. People have been drawn to Mobli thanks to a unique interface, high amounts of feedback and interaction, and Mobli's vision of letting users see the world through other people's eyes.

About Mobli:

Mobli, where users can share moments and see the world through other people's eyes, is a real-time, visual social media platform, made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. The platform has seen significant celebrity adoption, providing an intimate connection with otherwise inaccessible personalities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, David Arquette and Paris Hilton.

Contact Information: contact@mobli.com